Accelerated Job Search Executive Campaign

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Package Description:

Speed up your networking 10X to get in front of the job posting process by reaching out to hiring authorities (your logical direct report and recruiters in your industry).

    1. Purchase our package (below) and fill out a quick discovery form.
    2. Send us your resume and LinkedIn profile.
    3. Jump on a call with us to work out your resume/LinkedIn marketing/personal scripts/targeted positions/locations/titles/ industries, etc.
    4. We pull a list and you review list to ensure you're targeting the right (and not wrong) people.
    5. Career5 sends out messages (up to 300) for the next ~2+ weeks targeting hiring managers, talent and staffing managers, and recruiters.
    6. We reach out to people on your behalf. It looks like you sent the emails. 
    7. You answer inmails, ask for advice, information about the role you are seeking, you give them your track record of results, and see if you can fill a need for a position/gap that they have.
    8. We set up your Job Search Track sheet to track your leads as they come in, moving warm leads forward until you get your new job.
    9. About 85% of clients have gotten FT or contract work and are now in the databases of some great connections for future work.
    10. We reach out to our executive search database to connect you with the right people and give you access to as many high-level opportunities as possible.
    11. We continue on with a new set of contacts every 2 weeks until you get a job or until you reach the 6 month period. If you don't get a job in those 6 months, we will run for 1 more month.

      **This provides a full campaign launch to ensure you get a job as soon as possible without loss of traction.